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Navabharat Limited

Making Simple Better is integral to how we do business.

Navabharat Limited (formerly Nava Bharat Agro Products Limited) was founded on 3rdDecember 1992 in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

It is an agribusiness that has evolved from focusing on palm plantation to becoming an edible oil refining company, with interests in planting, crushing, refining and retailing palm oil.

Navabharat was a pioneer in partnering with the state government of Andhra Pradesh to introduce oil palm for local cultivation. The company successfully convinced farmers in the West Godavari district to grow the crop, which has a high yield but is not expensive to produce.

Navabharat was the first private company to breed oil palm seeds. Our nursery continues to receive germinated sprouts which are nurtured to produce plants for cultivation – these are then supplied to local farmers.

Navabharat was allotted 9 mandals to develop palm oil cultivation:
Work began in these areas with just a few hundred acres and about 20-25 farmers. Now, two decades later, we work with 15128 farmers growing oil palm on 57926 acres.


Be a market leader for specialty Palm Oil, PFAD and derivative products

Generate 50% revenues from non-regulated/non-oil products



Become the primary choice for quality, price and trust

Enable and educate farmers to grow oil palm sustainably

Partner with the next generation of farmers and to supplement their incomes with resources available in agricultural communities


Navabharat Limited


NBL is one of the largest domestic producers of edible oils in the country. We believe in making simple better – simple innovation is at the heart of NBL’s culture. We encourage our people to think out of the box for easy solutions to complex problems.

Fully integrated processing facility – NBL has one of the largest integrated facilities for vegetable oils.  It has a crushing capacity of 3000MT a day and refining capacity of 850MT. We take it one step further and process value adds as well. 

Large farmer community – NBL works closely with a farming community of over 10000 farmers West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh

Multi state retail operations – NBL retails its products across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Odisha. Our brands include Supermati, Mrs. Right and Mr. DoMore.

Zero Waste initiatives – NBL is committed to sustainability. Our processes have led to zero wastage at the factory. We invested in technology to reuse 100% of the effluent that we generate.

Rural empowerment – We work with local governments and NGOs for rural development initiatives. NBL invested in skill development, healthcare and waste management projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

NBL Today

Navabharat has a built-in capacity to process 850 Metric tons of edible oil per day and sells most of it to over 150 customers in two states.

Over the last five years, we have invested in growth, migrating from a business-to-business bulk processing operation to retailing in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the vision to expand to other markets.

We are currently focused on expanding our presence in the refined oil consumer business, selling both palm and other edible oils, such as sunflower, rice bran etc.
We are currently focused on expanding our presence in the refined oil consumer business.

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